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It's Wu mutherfucker.

Wow. I didn't post yesterday? Eh, I've been busy, time flies. Anyway, what'd we do yesterday? Oh right, Mullen's for a few Long Islands and then Morseland for dessert. Riiiight. That explains the not posting, not making it home part, heh. Today was so long, practice and then that coaches meeting, at least Bey was cool enough to drive me there and back. As much as I get frustrated/annoyed with coaching at times, I'm glad I do. Sure it's thankless and the hours are long, but in the long run, I think it's worth it.

Okay, listen up East Coast and soon to be East Coasters. The Fenyx tour will be coming to your town and we're going to party down!

I'll be arriving in New York (LGA) early Saturday morning on the 26th. I'll be around until the evening of the 30th, so just a heads up. I'll be in Conn for a couple of days, then a couple in Jersey. I'm actually not sure how much I'll be in NYC proper, but I've been there before so no biggie.

Wednesday I'll be at the Morseland, you should come by. Everyone's been bitching about how we haven't hung out all summer so I tried to get everyone together. If I don't, God knows no one else will, heh. Then there's Local H all weekend, and Wu-Tang is coming up as well. Shit, actually Wu-Tang's Saturday too...damn. Ain't it how it always is? Cindy's pool party is the following Saturday. Time's flying by. Week after that is our first game, then I'm out of town, and then our second game.

Never a dull moment.
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