Gil (fenyx) wrote,


Why do I much?

The last couple of days I've been so tired. At least I still made it to the park this morning. Let's see, I really didn't do anything yesterday. Practice, had dinner, talked on the phone, watched TV and passed out. Hmm...probably just Monday and Wednesday catching up to me. In retrospect it has been a busy week, Mullen's/Morseland/Mon to Practice/King HS/Meeting/Tue to First day of real practice/Latin Night/Wed to Practice/raining/Thu to who knows what today. We've got practice, Local H is also playing tonight. As luck would have it, so is Suffrajett. Suffrajett's only 15 minutes away too. Grrrr. Then tomorrow, Local H, but also Wu-Tang Clan. Sunday, you guessed it, Local H. Fawk. A part of me would be happy to stay in all weekend. It'd be cheaper and I'm feeling lazy and tired. I don't see myself going out solo tonight. I guess I should make some calls, we'll see.

What else is going on? Oh the plane shit, that's just great, by the time my Jersey trips comes along we'll only be allowed on planes with the clothes we have on. I guess it's all in the name of safety, or the illusion of safety, eh. I guess Mexico City just got hit with a quake, we'll see how that turns out. Supposedly it wasn't too bad.

Hmm...I thought I had a lot more to write about, I guess not. Things are moving right along, everything's unfolding as it should.

I guess.

Have a great weekend guys and dolls.

~Gil aka the real N.O.R.E.

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