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I hate it when I get like this. It's 10:16 and I'm sitting here typing away because it seems to be the only thing I can manage to do. I got up a little over an hour ago. Kind of late, really, I feel like I have so much to do and I know this is going to be a hectic week. I just feel...overwhelmed. When you look at it, it really isn't all that much to do, but at this point adding anything to my schedule is a big deal. 

Alright, relax.  

First things first, I probably should be at work, but I overslept and I guess it wouldn't do much good to show up at the Freshman Orientation at this point.  I'm not even sure how long it is going to last.  Besides I should be able to recruit some kids over the next couple of days.  A lot will be coming in for Senn Days so I should have some time.  My first Frosh-Soph (JV) game isn't for a few weeks anyway.  However, our first Varsity game is Friday.  That's one of the things driving me nuts.  Actually I'm glad I made it through the weekend without freakin' out.  In all honesty we didn't look all that good in our scrimmage last week.  It's hard enough for us to get everyone to show up, let alone practice well.  However, we're supposed to be getting a couple more guys coming in today, it's game week.  Four days left.

I don't know, I love coaching, but sometimes it seems like it just isn't worth it.  The stress, the hours.  The lack of drive, desire, I mean if the kids don't give a shit why should I?  Luckily they're not all like that, and they always do something to give me hope.  Whether it's the veteran players helping out the noobs, or the ones that are in better shape carrying the others.  On Friday I kind of got into with the head coach.  Nothing too big, but I can only take so much, especially when we're not really getting paid.  Not that I'm doing it for the money, Lord knows I'm not, but you just have to take into consideration that we're out here voluntarily, no one's forcing us to, so relax.

The whole situation with my sister has got me thinking again.  Family, marriage, kids, etc.  They're having this much trouble and she's young and in relatively good shape.  *sighs*  I don't know, nothing's that cut and dry, but I'm only getting older right?  We all are.  As far as I know, no one gets younger.  Gracie talking about rings, getting Silly's invitation in the mail, her damn wedding isn't until next year!  Shit, where'd I put it again?  I am so disorganized.  I'm a hot mess, honest to God.  I should take a picture of my desk right now, it's disgusting, heh.  I mean it's no Chaos Room *wink* *wink* or anything, but it's damn close.  Oh wait, I haven't recharged my batteries, the ones in my camera that is.  I suck.  I should do that now.

I should do a lot of things now.  

The three S's, get to work, do some laundry, start packing, shit I need luggage, maybe.  I need to buy, wait, fuck, I don't even know what to buy since I don't know what they'll allow on the plane.  Fuck it, I've got five days, there's time.  Relax.  

What else?  Damn, Madden comes out tomorrow, hell maybe today.  Oh well, I won't be playing that as much as I do every year.  I should cancel Gamefly.  Damn cough, I should get to the doctor.  Damnit, didn't even make it to the park this morning.  I swear the hospital got me sick.  Right.  In the head?  Okay now I'm just rambling and shit, but now you've got some idea as to what's going on in my head at the moment.

They still haven't taken Rex off the respirator, but everything's ok.  I'm starting to wonder if the doctors are bullshitting us.  I'm not the biggest fan of doctors in general.  Don't get me started.  

Fuck it, let me get going and kick day one's ass.
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