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Forgiveness Please!

Where is that from? Oh right The Simpsons episode where the Yakuza are fighting the Mobsters, good times. But yeah, sorry I've been hella busy and I've got to head to the airport in a few hours. We won our first game 28-8, good times. The kids still made a few mistakes but all in all it was a good win. I had some issues early in the game but it's all good for the moment.

I was trying to make another couple of CDs for the road but I really should hit the hay. I didn't pack or really prepare until the last minute. I procrastinate like no other. I've made it an art really. But I digress, I'll be gone 'til November or maybe just Wednesday, until then everyone be good. I might find myself on here at some point, maybe...if not there's always the old phonepost route.


Tags: football, nj, ru

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