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Well, it's back to work tomorrow, and God that's going to suck. There's like a foot of snow outside, and just to think, not only do I have to be up by 7, I have to be at work. :(

Wish I could have done more, but like most of my life, I wasted my vacation away. Now that I think about it, what am I so upset about? A lot of the time sucked, being at home with everyone around can be crazy sometimes...and as I well know, I probably would waste any other extra days off. I can't really write, I'm a bit upset and I have people bugging me as usual.

I did watch S.W.A.T. today, and even though it had a great cast, and my girl was in it, I didn't particularily care for it. I hate when I watch movies like that, most of the time I can tell you exactly why something bothered me, but I just can't put my finger on it in this case. It seemed disjointed, cliche at times, and just all over the place, it's almost like it took too long to get to the point, but then when it did, I wished we were still watching the build-up. It was also very predictable, but anyway...whatever you know?

I am soooo not sleepy, but I have to at least try to get to bed semi-early, and it's not like I can do anything else. Bored to death, and anxious, and ACKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

G'nite everyone

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