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I was sooooo hungover this morning. I got like three hours of sleep and it was another long night of drinking and dancing. You know, I used to hate dancing, and I can't say that I'm like a fan, but I have to say, there's nothing better than hearing one of "your songs", holding that special someone tight and dancing to the rhythm.

Then there's nothing worse than having to get up, still drunk, and try to get ready for work. You sit in the bathroom staring at tile. Stand in the shower half asleep. Walk through work like a zombie, drink water and gatorade all day, trying to keep yourself going.

It was a good time nonetheless. Morseland, the crew, people from work, Maker's Mark Manhattans, Latin Night, good times. I'd get into more details but it's late. I should hit the hay before I as'dkpfaf