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I've always hated Sundays.

I really shouldn't, I mean that's when football's on and The Simpsons, and the other cartoon shows. I guess it's the fact that when you're a kid, hell for what, over a decade of your life, you're used to having to go back to school on Mondays. Weekends are just too short. Especially this time of year, we played yesterday, and by the time I get back, half the day's gone. So, in reality I get Saturday night off and Sunday. Sunday's a wash, I just spend it recovering and watching TV. I don't know, my stomach hurts. I can't tell if it's from being hungover, a lack of sleep, something I ate, or anxiety. That's when I knew I had to quit Blockbuster, when I started getting physically ill before my shifts. I'd want to throw up just thinking about facing another day in that shithole dealing with the stupid customers and my inept staff. But I won't tell you how I really felt, heh.

Where was I? Let's see, I forget. Oh Tuesday my JV team got blown out. Our on-campus rivals beat us, and it was pretty humiliating. They even started running up the score on us.  Whatever.  I was pretty bummed after that, but I won't get into it.  Then Wednesday night, we were supposed to do our usual Wild Wings at Mullen's but somehow we ended up at the Morseland.  Ah, the Morseland, on Latin Night.  The crew and I ended up running into a few other people from work and it ended up being a long night of dancing and drinking.  Hmm...I think I mentioned this already, eh, whatever.  I also wrote a little about the day after, ugh.  Friday was just another long day at work, I couldn't even go out because I had to be at the school in the morning.  

At least we won Saturday, we didn't play as well as we should have, but a W's a W.  After the game I chilled for a while and then had dinner at the Borinquen Lounge.  It ended up being another long night, but it was a good one.  The food was good and things started falling into place all night.  Free gas, free drinks at the Smart Bar, Tony being at the Raw Bar, getting our Paradise aka Champagne Martinis just right.  I didn't get home until 6 this morning, got a few hours of sleep in, and then watched my Bears destroy the Lions.  All in all, it was a short weekend, but a good one.  

Sure, things aren't perfect right now, and they're certainly not the way I'd like them to be, but they'll have to do for now.

Anyway, if you're bored, I posted a few more pics in my photojournal, circadian_shots.  

Hope you're all doing well...


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