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So I think I've talked about fortunes and astrology or what not before. I usually don't rely on them or believe in them unless they're positive or good news, in those cases it can't hurt to believe. Nothing like a good mental placebo, so today's tells me that I should try to help people, if I can't help hundreds, help some, if not some, a few, if not a few, get the picture, but that's what it says.

I'd love to help, but how I can help others if I can't even help myself? :(. God this day is draginnnnnnnnnnng on...might just pass out when I get home. I don't know. I should probably hit EQ, I'm sure I'm probably getting left behind by everyone else...probably leveling in the teens by now. Eh, whatta ya gonna do? I have yahoo up but no one's least I got a voicemail this morning.

Well the AP is calling and I'm going to try to get some grub...more later.

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