Gil (fenyx) wrote,

For Des

1. what are you drinking first thing in the morning?
OJ or water.  Gatorade or Vitamin water if I've been drinking the night before, heh.

2. what NEW tv shows have you excited?
Heroes and Friday Night Lights.  That's all I can think of at the moment.

3. what returning tv shows are you all happy about?
The Office, Earl, Prison Break, Nip/Tuck, there's a lot and they're all over the place.  I mean 24 and Scrubs don't start until next year, right?  Eh...

4. is it getting cold earlier, the same, or later than usual in your neck of the woods?
The same it seems, but let it get colder, I love it.

5. speaking of halloween, do you decorate? outside or in?
Outside and in, some years.

6. what are the big markers for you, when it turns fall-ish?
Markers?  Leaves turning I guess, in swing, football. 

7. what section of the paper do you read first?
Sports.  Surprise, surprise.

8. what are you jonesing for for lunch?
Nothing in particular, I don't know, maybe some orange chicken?

9. what picture would you love to get, but haven't caught yet?
Hmm...I don't know.  I just know I haven't gotten it yet.

10. do you like halloween? and if you do, what do you like about it?
What's not to love?  Candy, people acting stupid, make believe.  It's fun.

11. out of all the riches and wonderment of the world, what huge could happen right now to make you delighted? (besides your boss getting fired, that's kinda a given. and winning the lotto doesn't count. it has to be something that probably could/will happen.)
*sighs*  Next question.

12. what does your pet do to make you feel loved?
Whines like a bitch.  Heh.  He hates me.

13. baker's dozen, that should be a good number, right? oh, the question. all right. do you laugh out loud, honestly, when you type 'LOL'?
Never, I only LOL when I write ROFL or LMAO.


Edit (10.31.07):originally stolen from vsugarplanet/sugarplanet but link got all jacked up for some reason.
Tags: meme

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