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Move along...

I thought I told you to move along.

I wish I had something more positive to write about.  Well I guess I do, I mean Local H and Suffrajett last night were great, they always seem to do the trick.  Brent being in town was also a pleasant surprise, other than that...

Have you ever seen the movie Unleashed?  Music literally saves the hero's life.  I don't know if it's saving me, but it damn sure doesn't hurt.  Anyway, when it rains it fuckin' pours huh.  I really don't want this to be some whiny entry but shit, things just keep pushing me.  Fuckin' universe, I feel like leveling mountains, eradicating populations, destroying something beautiful.  I guess I'll settle for bitching here.

Let's see, ever since I got that damn letter that I was getting laid off, work hasn't really been great.  Something's telling me I really don't belong there anymore, they're making it so difficult for me.  It's not like I'm loving every minute of it as it is, I'm not making tons of money, and my hours are fuckin' long as of late.  Fuck.  So I get laid off, I'm given another position and things are okay, right?  A couple of weeks ago, I get a letter, thanks to the NCLB act, we all have to be "highly qualified" pro or paraprofessionals.  You should see some of these supposedly "highly qualified" individuals.  Some can't even work a goddamn PC.  But I digress.  Somehow, all of my credits disappeared.  Poof!  Like the devil, gone.  Guess who had to make phone calls and get all of his damn transcripts together.  Good times.  That sucked, and I'm not even sure it worked, since they're now "under review", whatever that means.  But the good times don't stop there.  I needed a refill on an Rx (one that I haven't been good about taking as it is) and while I was getting it done I was told I have no insurance.  Yay!  Guess who had to get on the phone again.  Websites, phone numbers, messages, oh how fun!  The joy!  It took a couple of days but that's taken care of, now the kicker is, I just opened some mail from earlier in the week.  I'm supposedly over $300 in the hole for the monthly rental on that damn machine I've got.  (which, incidentally, I don't really use either)  The bill's from the end of September so I'm sure I'll be another there in the hole for the end of October.  Yay!  Fuck!  Like I don't have enough shit bothering me.  It's bullshit.  You go to work everyday, try to do a halfway decent job with incompetent help and less than enthusiastic children and this is how God Life the board city world universe repays you.

I wish I had the guts to try being a bad person, honestly, crime probably pays.  Or at least it'd be easier being an asshole.  

Not to mention the BS my personal life is going through, then there's football.  The one thing helping me keep it all together.  Well, the damn Bears lost to the league's worst team today, I'm on a horrible Madden losing streak, but even worse, we lost on Monday.

It really sucked, I really wanted the win, for the kids, for the school.  I needed it.  It would have made up for a lot of the bullshit the world's thrown at me during the last couple of months.  We had it, we scored first and had a decent lead late in the fourth quarter.  Then it all fell apart.  The guys had to sit there and watch Austin get their first place plaque/trophy, whatever the hell it was.  I hated watching some of our guys breaking down.  It was a tough loss, it really got to me.  They've, we've, bounced back since then, unfortunately for our seniors, that was it.  There is no "we'll get 'em next year".  I guess that's life, you only get one shot sometimes, that's why you've got to make it count.

Guess that's about it, I'm sure I'm missing a few things, oh yeah the random texter, what else?  How no one really showed up to our Halloween party at D's.  The blast from the past I got through MySpace.  The call I got today.  Fuck it.  Like I said, at least the show was good last night, good tunes, good friends.  For a few moments last night, everything seem all right.

Oh yeah.
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