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Another 108 yard return. You gotta love it.

Change is in the air people. I hate it, but either you roll with it, or you end up crushed by the waves.

Or something like that.

Happy Birthday.  (No, I'm not talking to Al Michaels, not that I don't wish him one as well.  If you're reading this Al, you guys called another good game.)

Another week begins tomorrow.  What the hell will the rest of the year bring, who knows?  I'm okay though, that last post was kind of crazy, heh.  I guess I found something to do with that money I had to "burn".  It's got four wheels, it's black, and it's friggin' sweet.  It's amazing what new toys can do for your mood.  I don't know what I'll be doing about the PS3 and Wii now, but if it's meant to be...

So what now?  I guess it's almost 11 so going to bed's probably a good idea.

I'm slowly sorting my shit out, it's going to take some time but I'll get to it.

Tags: bears, football, nitro, ru

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