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Keep Rollin'

How's that saying go,'s not so much a saying as it is a law of science, or something. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Yeah. Well, let's see Friday, I didn't do much, PS3 came out and I didn't get one, same deal with the Wii today, no dice. I mean, I know I didn't wholeheartedly try. To be honest with you, after buying the Nitro, I don't have a whole lot of disposable income anyway. Shit, I just remembered, tomorrow's going to be a busy day, I slacked way too much on Friday, but I digress. I didn't get any of the new systems, and being the stubborn, spoiled, man-child that I am. I probably won't get them anytime soon. Jerks. Isn't it bad enough that they're expensive as hell? Noooo. They've got to make limited quantities of them and/or sell them in these ridiculous bundles forcing you to buy friggin' Rayman and six other stupid games in order to GET A FREAKIN' CONSOLE!!!

But I'm not bitter. I just have way too much going on to spend a week sitting in line like a complete loser. Stop. I shouldn't hate, I mean people all have their "things". Whether it be lining up outside of Niketown for the newest kicks or standing in line to be among the first to watch Episode I, we all have our obsessions, right?

What else, what else? Michigan, OSU. Great game. Everyone remains in their spots, they'll be a rematch in the title game. We'll see. Bears win, it was a boring game, but a W's a W. Oh and how about them Cowboys! They beat the Colts. Nice. Oh yeah, I beat Johnny today, good times. Oh and we've got SORIANO!! Things are looking up for Chicago baseball, at least on the Northside. Of course, we'll see.

What else?  Hung around the house all weekend for the most part, cruised around listening to my Ridin' and Rollin' playlists.  Played some Marvel Alliance, some Gears of War, even tried the Superman demo, not too shabby.  

Last night I went out with Melissa to see Portastatic at Schuba's.  I hadn't heard of them before this week, but I checked them out and I figured I could make it through a whole show.  It'd get me out of the house and we don't get to hang out too often.  Besides I still hadn't seen her new place.  I gotta say that it turned out for the best because I ended up really digging the band.  They played a couple of the songs I was familiar with and they played some heavier stuff.  I can see myself listening to them a bit more in the future.  

Speaking of shows, I've still got to iron out my NYE plans.  Of course I'm planning on seeing H, but with whom and where I'll be staying, small details like those, are still up in the air.  I've got to work that out soon, time flies and it'll be New Year's before you know it.  Ugh, some car alarm is going off outside.  It's annoying.  Hey, the Chargers just beat the Broncos, nice.  Where was I?  Wow, I'm like all over the place.  D might join me again on NYE, Mel might too.  I was also invited to a housewarming/birthday party last night.  I guess one of Ro's friends was having it, Al and D were going but I just didn't feel like being around a lot of people.  Well, in that kind of environment anyway.  I'm glad I went to the show, it was nice to catch up.  There just isn't enough time in the world.  Everyone's so goddamn busy, and I'm feeling more disconnected every day.  The people that I am close to seem distant, and strangers seem to be too much work.  Whatever that means.  You get my drift.  Some of my friends, I've never laid eyes on.  While some of my closest ones, are miles away.  It's a strange world we live in...

Hmm...guess that's about it.  It seems to have been an eventful weekend after all.  

Three more days Gil, power through them.  Keep youself busy, It'll be all downhill after that.
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