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Told you so.

Shit, how is it past nine already. Well, it's back to the grind tomorrow. I didn't accomplish anything over the last four days. I mean I did finish Marvel Alliance, and played some Gears, but I didn't do anything I was supposed to.  Whatever.  That's what holidays are for, right?  I mean other than walking on eggshells and being fake to your so called family.  But I'm not cynical.  I can't wait for Christmas!  

So let's see...oh btw, I love how I write this as if I'm writing it for an audience.  Like I'm talking to someone, truth is, no one reads this crap.  If they do, they sure are quiet.  Be nice.  I'm probably a little crabby, I'm friggin' sick.  Being sneezing all day, I can feel a fever coming on.  Hopefully I'll knock out and I'll break a fever overnight.  Where was I?  Hmm...let's see Wednesday D, Ceez and I hung out at Mullen's for a while before meeting B and his crew at the Morseland.  It was a good time but I was seriously uncomfortable there.  Dave was bartending and asked me where we were sitting.  I was like "Umm...I'm over there with some friends."  The waitress mentioned something too I believe.  Needless to say I wanted to get out of there ASAP.  It was supposed to be Latin Night but they were playing Reggae.  Which was cool too, but I wasn't in the mood.  Wendy and some others tried to get me to dance but I wasn't feeling it.  We took off, drove D back to Mullen's and met Richard at the Emerald Isle.  I hadn't been there in ages, I was half-worried that I'd run into coach or someone else.  It was actually pretty cool in there.  I bullshitted with Richard's friends and hung out for a few.  Ceez and I took off, hit VP on the way back, and called it a night.

Thursday, the day of giving thanks.  My brother was stubborn and didn't make an appearance, a few others were also missing.  We ate, people freaked out, we played some Madden and a halfway good time was had by some.  They've never been the same since Greg passed, those almost seem like dreams at this point.  Life goes on, what can you do?

Friday.  I didn't plan on doing much.  Played some video games, spent some time crying over the PS3 and Wii, watched some Tom and Jerry cartoons.  (Yeah son, I got the DVDs!  What!)  In the late afternoon I got a call from Lees, she asked me if I wanted to join her for a drink at the Morseland.  I said sure and headed over.  We hung out for a while, shot the shit, caught up.  She hadn't seen my car yet so we went for a ride downtown which turned into drinks on North and Wells.  We were above some Sushi joint, Kobayashi or something?  Or is that from The Usual Suspects?  Heh, anyway, we headed back north after a while.  She wasn't feeling too well and she had to work the next morning.  Now that I think about it, that's probably why I'm sick now, heh.

Saturday.  Again nothing special, hung out at home, watched TV, watched Blade.  Lees called, just the usual chit-chat, nothing big.  Now mind you, the night before she told me we'd be going out for Sushi, but nothing was mentioned.  Not that I really wanted to go, hell I was vehemently against it, but that's not the point.  I finished watching Blade, played a couple of games of Madden downstairs, had some pizza and dozed off watching SNL.  Good times.

Sunday.  Watched cartoons this morning, spent the rest of the day watching football.  Damn Bears, Damn Falcons.  I had a feeling they'd lose today.  To be honest with you, we're not going too far with Grossman.  He's not the worst, and sometimes it's not his fault, but he's just not the quarterback we need.  I know, he's lost two games all year, still though.  All he needs to lose is one in the post-season and it's all for naught.  Now I'm here, typing this sentence.  Waiting for the drugs to kick in...I'm going to be busy this week.  That's fine though, I need to keep my mind off things.

I've got to make some changes, some are already occuring, some already have.  A few are in the works.  

I guess that's about it, I thought this would be a longer entry, hmm...what's that about brevity and the soul of wit?


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