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A B C...easy as one, two, three.

Damn, I guess I haven't written all week. Let's see, monday was pretty routine, from what I recall. Just another day at the grind. Watched Heroes, which just gets better every week, and called it a night. Tuesday, another day at the grind, but I did manage to make it to Best Buy to pick up Clerks II, MI:III, and Nacho Libre. (Finally) Oh I finally picked up the Gnarls Barkley and the new Hova. That's Jay-Z for those who don't know. Both CDs are pretty good, the Gnarls Barkley is just so different, it's refreshing. Anyway, I rushed home and watched Nacho Libre. A few weeks ago, when it first came out, I don't think I could have watched it...for a few reasons, but tuesday it was alright. Alright? All right? All right! Oh yeah, all right, oh yeah, all right...shit, sorry.

I'm watching Nacho, I love that flick, and I'm trying to watch it with the folks, they just think it's stupid. I hate that sometimes, when I like a particular movie and other won't even give it a chance. I swear, if one of my flicks ever get made, I wouldn't be suprised if my parents hate it, heh. Even with Mission Impossible, my dad turned it off, he said it was "too fast" for him, hahahaha. Wow. Where was I? Nacho, it's a great movie, I like it a lot. It gets to me but I'll get to that later. Shit I feel all over the place, focus.

Wednesday, yesterday, right. Work was soooo dead. I was bored out of my skull, during the day, but in the afternoon things definitely picked up. We had a huge game coming up. It was our Boys basketball team against the number eight ranked team. It was such a good game, I'd have to say it was one of the best games, in any sport, on any level, that'd I ever seen. We just fell short in the end, it sucks we're always so damn close, but they played their asses off. Here's an article from the paper.  Clicky.

After the game I stuck around for the open house.  Trying to recruit some 8th graders as usual but by then they were pretty much all gone.  I walked over to the shop, chilled with D, and we headed over to Mullen's.  We had a few wings, had a long island or two and called it a night.  Work was pretty busy today, I had a lot of teachers and we also had a training session with people from tech.  They're installing new phones in the building and they actually had to show us how to use speakerphone, voicemail, etc.  People are amazing, they couldn't figure it out, some lady, I don't know how, ended up calling a totally different school.  Hahahahaha.  At least I got out of work pretty fast.  Headed home, had some filet mignon, and watched Clerks II.  Good times.  After that I watched Earl, The Office, and FINALLY....SCRUBS!  It was great to see it back was a little disappointing.  Office ruled though.

Now, about the flicks...I'm so messed up inside, I swear.  I can watch dramas, like heartbreaking shit, I can't think of a good example at the moment.  Anyway, things that should move me, don't.  I mean, I can appreciate the sadness, but it doesn't do much for me or to me.  However, let me watch My Dog Skip and wow...heh.  I know I've mentioned that before...what's my point, oh right.  The end of Nacho Libre, cheesy as it is, gets me all worked up.  I remember even in the theater I was all emotional, hahahaha.  Then there's Clerks.  I know I'll sound all fanboy, but it's amazing just how relevant, most of his flicks, have been to me.  Just like the H albums, they seems to come out at the perfect times.  I see a lot of what's going on in my life reflected in his films.  A lot of H's music really speaks to me.  I don't know, I'm just rambling now, and I've been writing through all of ER and now most of the Simpsons.  I guess it's about time to call it a night, one more day, but we'll see how much snow we get.

It might end up being one hell of a day.



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