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"Four blocks from the Equator"

Holy crap it's cold, but guess what you punks, YOU LIVE IN CHICAGO!!! Of course we're going to get days like these, just suck it up, geez! Wind chills of -20 to -10 degrees, high of like 5 degrees. Ok it sucks, the wind cuts like a knife, deal with it!

Already it's been nuts here, so many people called in, subs running around. Check this out, to overcompensate for the cold they raise the temp of the water in the swimming pool, but they raise it so much it turns into a sauna, lol. This morning I walk in and it's over a hundred in there, steam rising too funny...I'll explain the quote later...friggin busy.

Ok it's later, anyway, gotta get it outta the way before I forget to write like last night. Just spent the night in EQ leveling pretty much. Well one of the guys I work with was talking to a student who's new to the country and he's like bitching about the cold, how it's never this cold in his country. So my boy "Ice" says "Yeah, cause you used to live like four blocks away from the Equator!" It was too funny, guess you had to be there.

Alright time to throw my parka back on, you know these chumps are going to be late in this cold, friggin' lake effect, it's funny we're like 2 minutes away from the Lake (Lake Michigan). So the cold breeze just pierces the skin outside.

Have a great day everyone.

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