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Change is inevitable

It's funny how things can change. I know I'm actively looking for change as of late, still though, you never know when shit's just going to hit you.  Let me see, well I guess I can write a little about the week to start things off.  Monday was pretty normal, I think I ran my program as usual and that was about it.  Tuesday I hit Best Buy, picked up Miami Vice and the new Eminem Re-up CD.  Wednesday I went out to dinner and a movie.  Watched The Departed, it was really good, better than I expected.  Thursday was our After School Matters closing ceremony, it went as expected.  It wasn't the greatest and the auditorium wasn't filled by any means, but it was okay.  We had our little party and called it a night.  Friday, I hit Mullen's for a while with D.  Lees came by and that too, was okay.  I called it an early night.  I woke up, took care of some errands and got a hair cut.  I only cut about three inches but it's still noticable.  Last night I went out to dinner at the Dixie Kitchen.  They actually had Hurricanes!  I wasn't expecting to have one of those until at least Mardi Gras, heh.  Watched Nacho Libre and called it a night.

Things seemed to have been going my way for a while.  All these changes, these "upgrades", if you will.  Of course, as things usually go with me, what goes up, must go down.  I've been feeling pretty shitty today.  It just got shitter too.  I don't know if it was me coming down, or a premotion, or just empathy.  People are going through a lot of shit around me, maybe it's just getting to me.  I don't know.  Oh I also go to the garage to take the car out and it's cover with fuckin' paw prints from the damn cat.  I just had it washed yesterday and I end up with prints and scratches on the hood and roof.  Fuckin' cats.  Eh...whatta ya gonna do?  Now it's back to the grind tomorrow.  Two weeks 'til Christmas.  I'm strangely happy and depressed around this time of year.  It's fucked up because it doesn't take much for me to go either way.  Hmm...Scott's playing the Abbey Pub Saturday I still have to get tickets to that, and New Year's.  What the fuck am I waiting for?  I don't know...

...what are any of us waiting for?
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