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Dude what the fuck is up with this new shit...I can't handle this...heh.

Anyway, life is still pretty okay.  I don't want to jinx it, and I don't want to say it's entirely because of, well, someone, but if it walks like a duck...anyway...

Let's see, if things go as planned I think I got a 1000 dollar + camera for less than a hundred bucks today, furthermore I went to pick up the plates for Becky and they almost say GIL, heh the first three letters/digits are G11 not to mention that my football jersey number is the last two numbers.  I'm reaching but still, what are the odds.  Plus, another good night at Mullen's was had by all.  Anyway, just over a week left of work then I'm off for a week or two.  Good times.  

I've really got to get my shit together regarding Saturday and NYE, not to mention finish my xmas shopping.  it doesn't help that everythimg I go to get somethign for someone I end up getting myself something.  Eh, that's what family's for, mom and sis are like my personal shoppers, heh.  

Alright, I should get my arse to bed...

sweet dreams.
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