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postsecretMerry Christmas

Taken from PostSecret's interesting that this was one of the secrets this week.  I'm not sending out any cards this year, and I really haven't gotten any either.  Everyone's busy with shit and I guess I am too.  Lots of changes happened this year, they're still happening.  Whether it's change for the best, that's still to be determined.  Nevertheless, if you told me a year ago I'd be in the position that I'm in, with the people I'm with, I would've thought you were crazy.  Anyway, what's my point?  I've been considering, for a while now, sending out a mass email/message of some sort.  Basically trying to reconnect with my so called "friends" one last time.  Before writing them off completely.  It's not a bad thing, people drift apart, but I'm getting too old, and tired, to wait around on people.  Maybe it's selfish, but I have to let go of certain people and basically move on.  I don't know about you, but one of the things I hate most in the world is that HOT and COLD shit.  I know it can't be helped at times, but fuck, don't be my best friend one day and a complete stranger the next.  But I digress, I was thinking about sending out a Christmas or New Year's Email, saying hey or whatever and maybe telling people to keep in touch or have a good life.  Either way's fine.  Since my old phone died I did lose a lot of people's numbers so I was going to include that as well.  Give me a call and say hey, or lose my number completely since I've already lost yours.  Maybe I'm just being a little melodramatic.  But seriously, I've changed a lot of shit, things are new, things are good, so either you hitch your wagon and tag along for the ride or I leave you behind.

Once and for all.

But back to this PostSecret, it's interesting to me because I could totally be the person that's for.  I could also very easily have been the person that wrote it.  So yeah, anyway, call someone you haven't called in while today.  Or tell someone you love them.  Life's too short y'know.

Much love,

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