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I think it's bullshit when you just roll over and die and accept it. Fuck that. And no, I'm not talking about your nickels and dimes type of change, I'm talking about "hey things aren't the way they were, but that's okay, life goes on" type of change. I know it's inevitable and all but it's just too easy to say "that's life, things change". I know we're all guilty of it, and that adaptability is usually a good thing. People evolve, the dynamics of friendships, of relationships, they all change. But, unless it's for the better, why let them?

I also know I'm being hypocritcal. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why certain people can't accept change and at the same time I'm distressed by some people who do. It's all relative.

Whatever that means.

I don't know, but maybe something is wrong with me. Why does it bother me? It shouldn't. Do I have this need to be accepted? Is it a big popularity contest? I'm happy right now so why do I need more? Is it a comfort zone thing? Familiarity? Why can't we have our cakes and eat them too? Am I greedy? Selfish? The Lord knows I'm needy...

I guess not all change is bad. For example, if I were to become a millionaire in the near future, I'm sure I could get used to that.

Eh, I'm just not comfortable with saying "that's just the way it is".

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