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Happy New Year

Here we go. I'm going to date these as I go along, in chronological order. It just seems simpler for future reference as opposed to having three months worth of notes posted in a couple of entries.


New Year's Eve. It was an eventful day, took us forever to get to Schaumburg. Thankfully Melissa is like my own personal GPS. We found the hotel, hung out with Wade, Jenny, Todd and his friend. Damn, his name escapes me at the moment. Anyway, we hung out and then proceeded to the venue.

It sucked. Oh and the Bears were getting their asses handed to them by Green Bay.

However, it was nice to see Amy and a few others. It was really nice to have Mel with me there. I know that she was at last year's show with me as well, but it was great to have there in a much different capacity. The show was great, I didn't drink all that much this year, but the opening band wasn't too bad and H played some Nirvana. Eventually we rounded every one up and headed back to the hotel. Then we proceeded home to the Chi. If Mel wasn't with me, I'd probably still be lost in the burbs. Oh yeah, along our route there was a lost dog walking down the street, it was creepy and sad.


Spent the day relaxing for the most part. Watched Hard Boiled with Melissa (which I hope to turn into a yearly tradition, heh) and had some pizza. We were all supposed to get together the day after but people were all over the place. Different plans, people going home, I also passed out for a while. There was a fair amount of miscommunication, and some people got upset. But I guess you can't please all of the people, all of the time. Hell, I can't even manage to please some people, some of the time, heh. Wade and I did manage to go flickin' for a while downtown. That was fun. We then hit Lou Malnati's and had some 'za. I hate people that call pizza 'za. I dropped off Todd downtown, hit Navy Pier for a sec with Jenny and Wade, and then dropped them off at their car. It was a good day.
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