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If I Make it I'd be Amazed.

"...Yeah if I make it I'd be amazed
Just to find tomorrow
One more day and I'd be amazed
Just to see it waiting
And if I make it I'm still alone
No more hope for better days
But if I could change
Then I'd really be amazed..."

I've always loved this song, I don't know, it came up on random and I've been repeating it, it's Amazed by The Offspring, btw.

Anyway what the hell was I going to write about, and I have to remember not to be depressing, or sad, or down, because as we all know, that would just be me trying to get attention right. So in other words I'll be lame and fake tonight. Ehh, not my style besides Amazed isn't the happiest song in the world, lol. Great like this one is...Bother by Stone Sour is up now, lol. I'm going to make a playlist/compilation "Songs to Die For or To." LOL...add some Tori, Winter of course, a lil NIN, Hurt, and what else? Feel free to add your two cents.

Oh and while I'm bitching about stuff, was I? Anyway, the new MSN looks LAME, sorry Bill but it hasn't impressed me. I'll keep using Yahoo for the most part. So anyway I was chatting with Sirina for a while tonight, haven't talked to her for a while, and sometimes, she's the only one I can talk to. Sounds strange? Let me 'splain...hmm maybe not. LOL, it's nothing personal, but I guess the main reason is that I have absolutely nothing, no drama, no issues, nada, nothing, with her. No past, no subtext, no innuendos, nada. I hope no one takes that the wrong way, but that's about it. Not to mention she's really cool, and doesn't waver, as in the Sirina I talk to today, will be the same one I talk to next week or next month. Okay, I might be rambling now...but anyway, that's that. I had to be careful not to be depressing or whatever around her too, remember I don't want attention. :P

I'm really trying to keep my head up, not think about things...FUCK IM MISSING ER...just realized it. DAMNIT! Fawk it, I hate watching things once they've started, besides I have MARRS playing now, lol PUMP UP THE VOLUME. It's awesome having 5000 songs ready to play, you never know what will play at random. Let's see what's next together shall we....WOOT Pearl Jam...Wish. Acck kinda down song.


Great fawking line though, acck it's only like nine-thirty guess I'll call it a night early tonight not much else going on I guess. That reminds me, I hate the fact that the time posted is like when you started your entry, sometimes after thinking, and writing for a while it ends up being like half and hour...woah Bjork-I Miss You just came on, lol...I guess I drag too. I listen to like songs and zone out, and then write, lol. Sometimes I change time to what it is when I stopped writing...if it's really different, like tonight.

Alright, guess that's it, freakin' Friday gonna do. Most people like fridays huh? I guess all the days have their good and bad points..ok now I'm just writing for the sake of is wrong with me. Somebody stop me!!!!

Hey mija I want to be your verb "to trust."

Nite y'all, now y'all come back now, ya hear. LOL

ok im really losing it.

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