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Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Sorry for the general lack of updates.  My recent lapse in writing is due to a number of factors.  Piece of crap computer that's constantly crashing, Internet Explorer that randomly closes, my hectic work schedule, and spending most of my free-time with the girlfriend.  Not that I'm complaining, just trying to 'splain why I'm not blogging as much these days.  I've also gotten recently hooked on Yelp.  If you're on there look me up.  Yelp Me!  Hmm...

I don't know, I guess I'm in a little routine at the moment.  I wake up, go to work, have lunch, work some more.  A couple days a week I run an after school program, tables games and such.  I also open up the weight room for the kids and I coach baseball.  Shit, speaking of...I've got to get to practice in about an hour.  Wednesdays I still try to make it to Mullen's.  They've got some new Thai wings, they're scrumptious.  Did I just say scrumptious?  Anyway, not that the crew really hangs out anymore.  It's mostly D and I holding it down.  Everyone just seems to be doing their own shit.  I always looked at, or thought of my parents as strange because they don't have a lot of friends.  They always seemed to be anti-social to me.  Now that I'm getting older, I'm starting to understand. 

People suck.

Not that I don't, and I know, not all people suck.  But for the most part, sooner or later everyone gets involved into what they're doing, what they're all about.  Everything else falls to the wayside.  Way side?  Side?  Whatever, you catch my drift.  It's sad to me, when I think about it.  I have, err...supposedly have all these friends, that I feel guilty about neglecting at times.  The truth is, we all neglect each other.  Fuck it.  That's life I guess.  Hold on to what makes you happy, remember the words of Frost.  (Not Kid Frost, Robert Frost moron, although Kid Frost was cool too)  "Happiness makes up in height, what it lacks in length."  It sure does.

But I digress, that's usually my weekly routine.  Weekends are spent on the Southside with my baby dorkin' it up.  We're pretty dorky, but it's fun.  Tonight I hope to drunk it up, but we'll see.

Well, I guess that'll be it for now, I hope you're all doing well.  If not, I hope they get better soon.  It can't rain all the time.


~Gil McNoriega

PS - An oldie but a goodie.
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