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(2.16) Friday 

After work Mel and I went to Hamilton's with a few people from work.  It was a good time, a few people that I usually don't hang out with showed up.  It wasn't the regular crew but it was a good time, except for the horrible service.  I think she was the only one working, but that's not our fault.  I think I had like one drink the whole afternoon.  We headed south the walk the jerks and hung out a little before going to the Elbo Room.  Melba Toast was in town and I wanted to check them out again.  It was a good show, but my baby was exhausted.  I don't think they even recognized me, one of the guys said hey and so did Bela.  It was alright, but I felt bad dragging Mel out there.  They finished playing and we headed home.  She did like the sign in the Elbo room, so that was something...heh.

(2.17) Saturday

Saturday was a busy day.  We had Sylvia's wedding to attend and we still had a lot to do.  I made it to Wicker Park to have my watch resized while Mel went shopping and picked up a present for the lovely couple.  I picked her up and we headed out.  It was a bit of a drive, but my little GPS system (aka Melissa with some maps) helped me find the way.  Silly was happy to see us at the reception, (we opted to skip the actual ceremony) so I'm really glad I went.  I'm always wishy-washy about plans, and I hadn't seen Silly in years, but I'm really happy we went.  I was also happy to have Mel with me.  :)  The food was pretty good, open bar's always a nice thing.  The DJ played a lot of stuff I hadn't heard in years.  (speaking of, I still need to find that Jodeci song)  It was a good time, we even had our first dance, heh.  I'm soo sappy.  We bounced out of there relatively early and had enough time to swing over to D's house.  I don't know, but D's parties just aren't the same anymore.  Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm sated...heh  It ended up being a long night, not to mention Mel and I were all dressed up from the wedding.  We called it a night and headed home.

(2.18) Sunday

The usual Sunday morning routine, Medici's and bad TV, heh.  We eventually went shopping, hit Target, got some gyros for lunch.  It was another good day.  

Can't complain.
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