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Wow, March is just flying by. I had a pretty uneventful weekend, spent it watching NCAA basketball at Melissa's. She's winning the pool at work so far. Strictly for entertainment purposes of course. Friday we had some Mexican and yesterday we went to seven-ten or whatever. Damn place got me sick. I was really looking forward to going out last night, being that it was St. Patrick's Day and all. As usual I ended up staying in, which was probably for the best. I wasn't feeling too well, combined with all the amateurs out. I don't know, I look forward to these type of days, St. Patty's, New Year's, Mardi Gras, etc. but they're always a hassle. I can't remember the last time I got hammered. Not that I need to, or that it's the point...still though. I'm usually driving or far from home, it's all good. It's not like I have a big crew to go drinking with these days anyway. We're all getting so old. Don't get old people! Don't do it! Not that I am...but y'know.

This morning I did the usual run to Medici's for croissants. Awesome. Seriously, the best croissants I've ever had. MMmm...almond. But I digress, had breakfast, took a nap, watched some more basketball. It was a laid back weekend, but it was all good. You need those every once in a while.

So now it's back to hell..err I mean work. Two more weeks until Spring Break. The countdown continues.


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