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Tie up the loose ends

So my birthday went pretty well.

Fri (3/30) went out to the Fireside with a few people from work and Melissa. It was fun.

Sat (3/31) was spent at home with the fam. Things were a little disorganized and didn't go as planned, but whatta ya gonna do. I'm happy I have a family that even tries, that even bothers.

Sun (4/1) Melissa called and said a bird had made its way into her house and that she was locked in her bathroom. I was ready to race over, very concerned mind you, when she starts cracking up. Damn April fool I am. Eventually I made it over there, I forget what we did. Oh yeah, we hit Moody's for lunch and some sangria, then went to D's for the big party.

Mon (4/2) did some spring cleaning, had some Potbellies, watched Blades of Glory, which was awesome. Chazzle Dazzle. That's about it.

Tue (4/3) Picked up the El-P CD and GUITAR HERO II for the 360. Awesome. I suck though. I'm also trying to tie up some loose ends as I'm going to be in Indiana for the rest of the week. So I guess I should keep tying...just wanted to check in and catch up.

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