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Friday, but not the 13th right?

So I wake up thinking I have plenty of time since I went to bed early and gots lots done last night before bed, but of course, I always find a way to procrastinate. So I'm racing to work and a friggin' cat jumps in front of the truck. Luckily I have ninja like reflexes and I manage to brake just in time. I'm just glad it was a white/orangeish cat or else I would have had to reversed back down the street and gone another way. You know, black cat crosses your path deal. LOL, well I don't know if I actually would have done that this morning, but I have done it before. What can I say, I'm nuts sometimes.

I'm here at work now, about to start and I already know we're at least two guards short. Guess I know I'll be doing like ten different things today. Wasn't I bitching about friday last night, my spider-sense was tingling, I had a bad feeling about today. Alright t-minus seven hours and umm shit it's too early for math, about seven and half hours to go.

Wish me luck.

BTW I read your guyses replies and I thank you, I don't know. I guess I'll touch on that later.

Have a Scrumptilious day.

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