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So the new

Today started off shitty, I was running late, I couldn't find a few things, I didn't have time to shave. Then I ran into my honeybee and everything was okay. Then work sucked. Then I went to the corner store with the crew, things were good. Worked sucked some more. Mel came down and hung out during her lunch, I'm okay again. Game after school. Ugh. We're killing the other team, about to be slaughterule. They make a small comeback. Our pitcher gets thrown out of the game but my cousin has a great game. I finally get out of there and head south, of course I get every friggin' red.  I finally make it to my girlfriend's for dinner, watch Sanjaya get booted and call it a night.

Tomorrow it starts alllll over.  Open House, yay.  Our kids have the bestest parents!

I wanted to write about the Virginia Tech tragedy but I don't think I'm in the right frame of mind at the moment.  I'm up, but I'm down.  I'm okay, but I'm not.  I'm happy but not content.  

Or maybe content but not happy.  I don't know at the moment.  I guess I just get frustrated when things don't go as planned.  Eh...tomorrow's another day.

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