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Hurry up!

Today was a cluster fuck.

From the moment I awoke to this moment right now. I have to hurry to make it in before midnight or else my "Everyday in May" project will be a failure.

Anyway, as I was saying, things were just hectic today. More shipments coming in, more work and less time to do it. Kids coming up ineligible for tomorrow's game, which I cannot attend due to Mark and Julie's wedding. The possibility of me losing a stack over it, what else? Just crap in general, bumping into things, knocking shit over, forgetting my wallet, not being able to find clothes, a belt. Nothing too bad but a whole bunch of little annoying things. Just one of those days I guess. What can you do? I can usually recognize them early and I just try to ride them out.

Tomorrow's another day.

On to more important news, I don't want to jinx them, but a certain northside baseball team is on a tear. I was so pissed at first, four runs in the first, freakin' Zambrany. However, we battled back and Dempster closed the door. I should check if anyone has him in my fantasy league. Had some Connie's for dinner, and now I'm getting ready to hit the hay.

Weekend here I come.