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Feliz Cinco de Mayo word from work so far. I guess no news is good news.

Let me explain. We have two games scheduled today, but there are a whole lot of things going on at the same time. Volleyball tournaments, the Dalai Lama visit/security checkpoint, the senior trip to Great America, and if they still had it today, Saturday detention. Needless to say there's a lot going on at work. So anyway, I'm, in theory the freshman baseball coach. I've also got a wedding to go to downtown in a few hours. (I really should be getting ready) Now, I had someone to cover for me, so everything would be okay, but then yesterday my AD (athletic director) tells me that a couple of my kids are ineligible. Then the other coach and I couldn't find the head of the baseball program, it all went downhill from there. This added to my clusterfuck of a day that was Friday. Long story short, it supposedly got all sorted out last night. Supposedly.

The fact that I haven't gotten any calls this morning pretty much means that either everything worked out one's called me yet. Whatever, if we forfeit these two games (we had a double-header scheduled) I might lose my team. Which means I'd lose my fee/stipend. Eh, I've been struggling just to get nine guys out, let alone any subs. Que sera, sera. We pretty much have to beg the kids to go, they miss practice all the time, and generally don't make it a priority. That makes it difficult for me to make it one as well. Don't get me wrong, it usually is, and I did struggle with coming to this decision. I was going to skip my buddy's wedding to go to the game, but some things only happen once. It'll make them happy and my girlfriend happy. So I'll be downtown, hopefully it won't rain.

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Cinco de Mayo. In the office yesterday someone said something to the effect of "happy independence day" to one of the clerks who happened to be Mexican. While I know that no harm was meant, I had to go ahead and school everyone on why we celebrate the fifth, now let me school you too

Yahoo's got a nice little page going as well.

* * * *

Hmm...I guess that's about it for now.  Where the hell is everyone?  I've been posting for days now without any responses.  *sighs*  Nobody loves the Gila Monster anymore.  *tears*  Heh, time to get ready I guess....



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