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*sighs* *shrugs shoulders*

I couldn't really sleep, and I was hoping that the morning would be wasn't. There's a lot of things I should probably be doing, but it's Sunday, the game's going to start soon, and I'm really not in the mood. Not pissed off or anything, just deflated, dejected, sad, I guess....disenchanted. I don't know, just down. Sorry it's me looking for attention again, I should stop now right.

Anyway, Project Greenlight is starting again, and I really should do a re-write or two on some plays of mine, but I can't start...I wanted to all weekend, but I have to find my muse you know. It just sucks that I can't get a hold of her. It'll be alright, I work great under pressure anyway.

Well, guess I'll get some breakfast/lunch...wait do I mean brunch? sucks...yeah I said it, you heard it. Remember it takes two to lie, one to lie, and one to listen. God Homer is the best.

I'll back on later, for those of you who care.

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