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You can't please all of the people...

Ugh, there's actually something I wanted to touch on but my damn comp's been acting up. I really need a new computer but I've been holding off in case I move this summer. We'll see.

So a cousin of mine swears that she was almost bit by a poisonous snake. There aren't very many of those in Chicago. Hell, there are only four kinds in all of Illinois, one only makes it this far north and it's an endangered species. Who knows. Anyway, I looked it up for my mom, that and what exactly is in those helicopters they use to put out forest fires. In minutes I had tons of info on both subjects. What did we ever do before the Internet?

Shit, the cpu's making noises now, umm...what'd I do today? Went for a jog/walk, had dinner at Seven/Ten, watched America's Top Model and American Idol with the girlfriend.

What the hell has become of me?

Heh, anyway, I should get to bed.

Stay Up,

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