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Indiana Wrap Up

Wednesday, April 4th

We woke up and made our last minute preparations. Got the dogs into the Nitro and off we sped to Indiana. Well, sped to the so called "Expressway" at any rate. Ran into a bit of traffic early, but once we got out of the city it was smooth sailing. Melissa has a little routine, so we pretty much stuck to it.  We hit a Starbuck's on the way there, I got my usual Tangerine Frap, she got her coffee or Latte or whatever, heh.  We proceeded on our journey.  I saw a lot of sights, or at least space.  Heh, turf farmers, covered bridges and such.  Livestock, it was all good.  I was on a road trip, listening to tunes in my new whip, with my baby.  I couldn't have been happier.  :)  We stopped by Turkey Run and took the dogs for a walk.  It was pretty empty, seeing as it was still chilly, that was to be expected.  We went for a little hike, over a suspension bridge, through some woods.  It was fun.  We headed back, loaded up and hit the road again.  

Stopped for some grub and gasoline in Cloverdale.  The Nitro was getting some looks, even the attendant was like "what kind of car is that?"  I love my baby.  Melissa too.  :p  Fueled up and ready to go, we continued on.  It really was a fun little drive, but I'm sure I was annoying Mel with my fears.  I mean, really, who doesn't get nervous meeting the parents.  I mean haven't you seen "Meet the Parents"?  But I digress.  We arrived safe and sound, I met her mom and her brother.  I was pretty quiet, but it I think it went well.  We chilled for a bit, watched some TV and hit the hay.

Thursday, April 5th

Woke up, had some breakfast, and hung out for a while.  I got a feel for the town through their local news.  Umm...Klan march protest in a town over, a fire and someone got killed somewhere.  I know, not very descriptive but it's what I remember.  Bits and pieces.  Oprah had autistic kids on, I think.  I learned the term "stimming".  It's been useful.  Trust me.  

We had an errand or two to run in Indianapolis so we had to get going, but first I was treated to a tour of Martinsville.  I saw the park, the hill, heard a few stories, and drove by a few of the town's landmarks.  It was nice to learn and experience a bit of Mel's history.  

Eventually we made it to downtown Indianapolis, which didn't seem too different from your typical downtown area.  Drove by their ballpark, I forget who plays there, since they don't have a pro team, pfft.  Also had to drive by that place where those football guys play.  I forget their names.  (I've blocked the Colts from my memory, it's a defense mechanism, the Super Bowl was such a painful and traumatic experience)  Visited monument circle and had lunch at Rock Bottom.  They had this sampler of all their beers.  Oh my God, it's a good thing I had Melissa to help me with it.  It was sooo good and it was fun to drink.  I really liked that place, and Indianapolis in general, it's not too shabby.  I mean, there was a guy playing the Sesame Street theme on his sax.  You can't beat that.

We cruised around the rest of the town.  Saw the sights, different neighborhoods, basically saw the sights.  I guess Broad Nipple...err...Ripple is one of the more happening neighborhoods of town.  It seemed cool enough, there's also a nice dog park nearby.  It started getting late and we headed back but not before driving by the Children's Museum.  The streets around it were called names like Triceratops Street, Stegosaurus Avenue, and Tyrannosaurus Rex Lane.  Of course, the dork that I am, I thought it was totally awesome.

After a long day we headed back to Martinsville.  We got there, hung out with her family for a bit more, and then called it a night.

Friday, April 6th

A pretty uneventful morning.  We got up, had some breakfast and headed back to the Chi.  The drive back wasn't too bad, it's not too long of a drive, especially in a nice car with some good tunes.  That being said, there's really no place like home.
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