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I f'n hate that song.

Furthermore, I hate that I put fifty, five-o, dollars into Rebecca today. Becky's my car's name by the way, anyway, yeah fifty bucks of gas-o-lina, and it didn't even fill the tank. It's the most I've ever spent on gasoline that I can remember. I mean I could've gotten drunk with that money, or bought a video game, a few DVDs, etc. Unreal.

Okay so the war in Iraq wasn't about WMDs or Saddam, or revenge, it was about oil. Right? I mean that's why some think we're really there. So umm...why's gas like almost four bucks a gallon?


In other news, I think I'm losing it. I'm forgetting things, losing things. I know work's stressing me out and a few things are frustrating me. Why can't things just be easy? Why!

Bit melodramatic eh Gil?

Just a tad.


-G to the I to the L
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