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Friday I'm in love


I hate that I look forward to the weekend, like passionately. I live for the weekend, I work pretty hard all week, if not physically hard, long hours at least. I don't go out all week, except for Wednesdays, I'm usually a good boy. So when Friday gets here, I always feel like letting loose. Like anything less is a waste.

So, how have I been spending my Friday, my practice-less Friday, my early and exciting Friday. Catching up on old LJ entries and web related things. I'm soooo awesome. Well, at the very least I'm proud/impressed that I've been doing good on my "Everyday in May" project. I'm also looking forward to Script Frenzy.  It sounds like it's going to be fun, and unlike NaNoWrIMo, I might actually be a winner this time.

I mean it's not all that bad, maybe I'll get a little Guitar Hero in tonight, still though it just gets to me because I feel like I'm trapped all week and when I'm finally free...I'm not as free as I think.