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Circle Tour

I was to drive the Lake Michigan Circle Tour this summer.


Melissa and I took a drive up Sheridan road today.  We stopped in a park, walked the dogs for a while, saw the sights.  It was a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon.  The houses up in Highland Park, Glencoe, Winnetka, the whole North Shore, they're insane.  Anyway, we saw the Circle Tour signs and I brought it up as something we could possibly do during the Summer.  I've being seeing those signs since I was a kid and never did get around to it.  I'm hoping this summer I get to knock it out.

Let's see...

Last night we hit Mullen's for lunch, everything's different in there.  They've got a new menu, new jukebox, (of course I DL'd some Local H) and WiFi.  Very la-dee-da.  Headed south, chilled, met Mark and Julie in Evanston for 28 Weeks Later.  It was pretty good.  No where near as good as 28 Days Later, but it had its moments.  I guess it was just too "big" of a movie, where Days had a nice little arc for the protaganist.  We also had to sit up close so that kind of sucked and some sick old guy sat next down next to me.  That's always fun.  It's tough sometimes, because I love going to premiers and seeing movies when they first come out but then you have to deal with crowds, people talking, bad seats.  It's a catch 22.  Or something like that.

After the movie we headed over to The Hideout for Life During Wartime.  It was a good time, good music, nice chillin' weather.  We hung out for a few and then called it a night.  I ended up taking D to O'Hare at about 4 this morning, it was a long day.  I can't remember the last time I pulled an all nighter.

Anyway, SImpsons will be on soon, 400th episode, word.



ps-for the record I did post yesterday but it was private so the streak is still alive.  Snootchie-bootchies!!!
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