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Close but no cigar.

So I didn't get a chance to post over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday were no go. I'm okay with it. It was an eventful and busy weekend. I didn't have access to a computer and my phone was roaming so my "Everyday in May plans" were scrapped. Oh well.

I've got tons to catch up on, H board, emails, need to do some shopping, online and off, pay some bills, lookatrings, etc.  Work's going to be insanely busy this week too.  Hell, the rest of the year, the end is near, but then again, it's always darkest before dawn.  It'll be alright.

Before I forget...

Friday we hit Latin Bliss.  For some reason they had scarred playing on their screens.  Diana didn't get a great turnout so I'm glad we made it.  Friggin' Incredible Hulks, it's a strong drink, they were ten bucks a pop.  Thank God there was no cover.  Saturday morning we leave for Indiana.  First we hit Martinsville, then Birdseye.  Total trip of almost seven hours.  Sunday afternoon, we did it all in reverse.  Pretty much just passed out last night when we got back.  Today was pretty much spent BBQ'ing.  BBQ'in?  BBQin'.  Whatever.

That's about it, I'll watch my Simpsons and call it a night.  Maybe I'll get into more detail about the weekend when I have some time.

I hope all of your weekends went as well as mine.  :)



PS-Goddamn it's gonna be a hot one tomorrow.
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