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Technical difficulties

This sucks.

Not only did I not get to finish my Everyday in May project, but I couldn't even start a June one. Not that I had one planned or anything, but you never know. In addition to that, Script Frenzy also started yesterday and I couldn't work on that either. I really need to replace this piece of crap, but I'm putting it off. I've got a few other things that I need to take care of first. I'm also considering a Mac, but we'll see. First things first.

There are soooo many things distracting me at the moment. ATM, whatever. Friggin' Firestorm, Run's House, catching up on email and such. Shopping, chicks that want to be friends with me out of the blue. Not to mention awesome bands and products I should try! Gotta love MySpace messages!!! Speaking of hot chicks...

I've got to figure out something nice to do tonight. Can you believe it's been six months? Time flies by, this is now officially the longest and most stable relationship I've ever been in. It's all uncharted waters now. I'm not worried.

I really need to start crackin' on that script. I've got a good idea, some good themes, and a few scenes worked out. I've just got to get my character(s) from point a to point b. I really need an antagonist of some sort as well. Hmmm...

Man v. Environment? Animal v. Man? Animal v. Environment? We'll see.

Good luck to those of you in the Frenzy who are reading this. You're as crazy as I am.

Everyone else, have a good weekend.


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