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Two Weeks!

Just two weeks left of school. Then summer officially begins. Heh. So 300 I never got around to, Spider-Man 3 had bad reviews so that scared me off, and Grindhouse was gone before I could catch it. Pirates doesn't really interest me, and there's not a whole lot more out there. However, Transformers and Live Free or Die Hard are must sees. That and The Simpsons of course.

Not having to work is definitely going to help. Hopefully I won't fall too behind in the Frenzy and practice won't interfere too much. I've really got to get all my dates together. Weddings, practices, barbecues, concerts, movies, parties and vacations. Not to mention all the work shit, I'll try to do that tomorrow.

Also watched Toy Story 2 tonight. Tried to get some inspiration for my flick, I'd forgotten how good that movie is. For adults as well as kids. Good is good. Damn MTV awards are distracting me. What else? Umm...didn't go to Prom on Friday, hit Fireside instead. Mambo Grill yesterday and Connie's today.

Yeah...anything else? Eh, sorry this is a pretty random post.


Dollar Gills aka G Money
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