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“Hey, what's up everyone. I haven't been around much, been busy, & my computer doesn't work at home, & my brother broke my laptop. So the only access that I usually have is at my girlfriends house & when I'm there I'm usually not in the mood to be posting. Anyway the reason I'm posting this is for all the local ___ to read my Blog if they do, if anyone does. I'm listen to the Sox game but only because the Cubs are playing them, & they announced the rock & run, & I guess ___ is playing a post run concert. So somebody said the laughing(?) run like they are playing during the run. I don't know but they said it was a post run concert included, I paid 35 bucks to do the run it's for a good cos & you get to be ___ or the fucking ___ field or whatever. Anyway that's about it, hope everyone's doing well, & I don't know stay tune I got some good news I will soon share with everyone.”

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