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My computer is actually working, about two hours now with no crashing! I've gotten it to work randomly in safe mode. In safe mode, I started deleting a lot of shit and organizing the stuff I want to save in folders. I should probably be doing that now, either emailing the stuff to myself, storing it online, or burning it to CDs.

Anyway, since we last saw our hero. He went to a wedding, (not mine before you ask, pfft.) cut off all his hair, got some new threads, went to a concert, and went to a picnic. He drank a few drinks, had some good times, had some good food. What else?

Since I've pretty much spent the week over at the condo, I haven't been around much. The computer hasn't been cooperative when I have been. It's time for a new one, I know, but I'm trying to hold off on any expenses for a bit. We'll see.

Shit, I really thought I had more to talk about. Err...write about. I guess not. It's really just been the same ol', same ol'. Granted, it is nice to be off work, but there's really not a whole lot happening.

Umm...practiced all week. Superchunk show Wednesday night. D's picnic on Friday, umm...oh well.

It took me a good hour or so to catch up on everyone's LJs. Now I'm off to MySpace to see if I've missed anything there.

Glad to see everyone's doing well, drop me a line or hit me up.


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