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I want to grow up to be a debaser

Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. How's everyone doing? Great. Well where do I even begin. I guess this will be a long one, I do have an hour to kill, so let's use a cut. Whatta ya say!

Crap, I seriously forgot how to do an lj-cut. Umm...the Rich Text Editor seems to have disappeared. Ugh, earlier I couldn't even remember how to nudge people.

So where to begin, eh, some of this might be old news to you but whatever. The last time I worked, like in an actual job setting was June 15th. Pretty crazy huh. I mean I usually have summers off so it's not that insane of a concept. I did the coaching thing for most of the summer and my baby pretty much made up her mind that she'd be moving back to Indiana. Of course I was going to join her.

Therefore, most of the summer was spent preparing for the transition. I was leaving the Chi, I don't know when it really hit me. If it even has. I'm still in denial about it. In July we packed up and moved everything out of the condo. We had no where to live so I stayed back in Chicago while she stayed with her mom. We'd switch off spending time here and there. All the while looking for a house and for work. She found both pretty easily. Unfortunately the condo didn't sell (and hasn't sold yet) and we had to settle for a nice little apartment in Broad Ripple. (This sucks, not having the toolbar thingy, maybe it's because I'm on a Mac, I should DL a client, I know Viv.) I was going to post a link, but look up Broad Ripple if you're bored. It's a cool little neighborhood. Plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants. Good times.

Okay, where was I? We took everything out of storage in late July and moved into the new place around the first of August. Melissa really never wanted to "live" with anyone before marriage. It was kind of a big thing to her and it seemed reasonable enough to me. We talked it out and since it seemed we were going that way anyway that it was okay. Since it was so important to her I decided to surprise her that night. I proposed to her in our new apartment, the first day we lived together, so that she'd never have to live with me as "just her boyfriend".

So yeah, she's my fiance now, it's really cool. It's funny because she never did say yes, heh, she was overwhelmed, she had me nervous for a second, heh. I wish I would've wrote about the ordeal of actually finding the ring. It took me forever, but it's perfect. I thought that I was through, but then you have to pick the box! Who knew? Luckily everything turned out great.

It's been good, it's tough not only relocating, but also adjusting to a new living situation, and to new circumstances. But it's also well worth it. We have lots of fun, and she's as much of a dork as I am. Indianapolis is really nice. You've got everything you need, pretty much anything you can find in a big city, but with none of the problems. Well, not "none", but a lot fewer. Less traffic, less crime, things are cheaper, everything moves at a slower pace. Which, is a nice change of pace, but it's still not Chicago. I miss my friends, miss good pizza, miss the beach, the skyline, my Bears, my Cubs. Although it's funny, pretty much everyone's a Cubs fan here and there are a lot of Bears fans as well. I still get to watch them so it's all good.

As far as friends and what not. Luckily, or maybe sadly, I see them almost as much as I did when I was in Chicago. Press me hard enough and I guess I'd almost say "what friends?" Everyone is off living their lives. We went to no less than five weddings this year. Craziness. Some that I almost didn't go to, not because I didn't want to, or because I loved those people any less, but because it just seemed awkward. I mean, how much of a friend are you to a person you don't see but maybe once or twice a year? I feel closer to some of you whom I've never met in person than I do to people who I've known for years. Melissa convinced me that it doesn't matter. Feelings are feelings and people genuinely still care for each other, but life just gets in the way sometimes.

I guess she's right, but how hard is it to pick up a phone or write an email. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault, because you don't see me calling or writing either, it's just sad is all. We were going over wedding plans, who we're inviting and what not, and there are a few people that I always figured would be at my wedding...that I'm probably not even going to invite. We've lost touch and who knows what they're up to. But I digress, I know I've rambled on about this before anyway.

Life's good, Indy's cool, the only thing that's fucked up is that I'm unemployed. I can't find a job for the life of me. I though I'd get hired by the schools here. That didn't happen. Not even as a sub. The schools here aren't doing so well, losing enrollment and what not. I finally gave in and applied for retail jobs and even those didn't call. I went to a cluster fuck of an open house at a Best Buy and somehow my app got flagged. It was one of those crazy online ones that take forever and are like psychological profile tests. I even went back to Blockbuster. I got called in for an interview, knocked it out of the ballpark, as I usually do. I impressed the store manager and the district manager. However, they couldn't do anything for me in regards to what I wanted as far as salary. She told me that they might have an opportunity for me doing inventories, she was supposed to call me Monday, she never did. It's kind of depressing, I wasn't even asking for that much. I'm slowly lowering my expectations. I really just need a job now, any job. But fuck, working for like 7 bucks an hour? I used to make an average of 14/15 an hour up to over 19 an hour with full benefits. It really sucks.

I also LIKED what I was doing. Maybe not so much the school aide part but the coaching. It was great. The hours sucked, but it kept me active, I was having fun. I really don't have any friends out here, and other than walking the dogs, or going to the bars with Melissa, I don't do too much here. It sucks sometimes, but that's life. You've got to make decisions, make the right choices, what ultimately makes you happy. I also had to choose to grow up a little. I want the family, the kids, the white picket fence, the "American Dream" and this is hopefully one step towards it.

But enough about me. How's everyone? How's life treating you? What'd you do over the summer? What are you going to be for Halloween? What's a battle? Mmm....I just had some Halloween candy sorry. Okay, I'm rambling now so...I'll leave you all for the time being. Thanks for reading, and thanks to the two of you that seemed to miss my writing.

Much love,

Indiana Gil
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