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Happy Halloween!

Barf - bjenright Barf - bjenright
Pumpkin Barfing

pic stolen from bjenright. Check out his photojournal, good stuff.


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Oct. 31st, 2017 03:29 pm (UTC)
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Trick Or Treat!
I wonder what surprises will come the remainder of the day. What names of the food that are on the lunch menu will probably keep everyone on the edge of their seat.
All dressed up, I am. I wonder if I’ll end up possibly being a winner at 1st seating.
Of course, I also want to enjoy the dance music that will be going for two and a half hours.
I hope to be able to help my bestie with it
Party time will begin really soon.
My costume outfit is almost ready. I only need to grab one more thing to finish it off before heading to lunch in a little bit. Ultimately, I’m all ready to see what everyone else may be dressed as today. Prizes are going to swoop down like bats, I hope, for the best one.
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