Gil (fenyx) wrote,

I fucked it up from the jump off

Okay, you know I just started writing this, so the date and time is going to be November 3, 10:32. Of course by the time I finish the post it won't be that time. Hell, it's already 10:33.

Alrighty then. You see the first day of what was going to be my glorious November to Remember campaign, you know, the one where I was going to post everyday for the month of November, was fucked up from day one. I stayed up until midnight so I could start on my NaNoWriMo novel (which is another fuck up in and of itself) on the 1st. I posted here just before midnight because I was excited and rarin' to go. Well, because I started it before midnight, it didn't count it as a post for November. I didn't post again that day, you know the rest.

Yes I could've changed it, yes I could have just posted yesterday, but it took the wind out of me. I've also been busy with the novel. I don't know how I'm going to get 50K words out of my little story. Which incidentally, changed the eve before.

I was talking to Melissa about my original idea, about a girl who crushes on and then falls in love with a blogger who turns out to be a creepy, scary stalker, instead of just a creepy, cute dork. I had plans I tells ya! Plans! However, as soon as I started talking to her about it, she didn't get into it. She didn't seem to like it, and it took the air out of my balloon. I panicked, paniced, no it's panicked. So why's it panic and not panick? *shakes head* If only I could ramble on my NaNo like I do here, but I digress...

I changed my whole idea hours before it started to an old one that I was going to write years ago. I had an idea for a screenplay a long time ago about a bunch of friends that are goofing around doing some "backyard wrestling" (which, if you remember, was all over the TV a few years back) when one of them breaks his neck. They then have to decide what course of action to take next. Anyway, so far I'm just plodding along on the main character's backstory. I haven't gotten to the good part yet, although I start it out by having my main character and some others at the edge of the Chicago River ready to throw someone in it.

It starts off with an M-80 of a bang, but ends up being a whole of those crappy snakes that don't do shit. I'm going to work on it and try to make some decent firecrackers out of it.
Tags: indy, m, nano, writing

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