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Writer's Block: Top Five Video Games

What's on your Top 5 video games list?

I've never answered one of these "Writer's Block" questions, although I think they're a good idea. Especially when you're trying to write everyday. Like I do in May and I try to in November. Anyway...there's no way I could answer this with just games. There's just too many, it's like answering which is your favorite parent, or your favorite child. So, I went with the franchises that have consistently been my favorites over the years.

In no particular order, of course.

The Halo series

All of them rock. Playing through the story alone is as much fun as playing multiplayer online, and almost as much fun as playing through the missions alongside someone. Whether I was saving the world with my cousin or killing the flood with my brother, it was always a good time. I'm so glad that I invested in the surround sound system, it's so sweet to hear the gunfire all around you or the elites and other soldiers talking in the background. The graphics are amazing, and the story is engaging and deep. The first time you jump in a Warthog and have your partner drive you through a warzone while you're shooting everything and anything that moves is just enthralling. Not to mention the fact that Master Chief is a badass.


Football. Franchises. Create-a-players. Importing NCAA rosters. Drafts. Football. Great graphics. A rabid fanbase. Playing on LIVE. Playing with the family. Tradition. History. Football. 'nuff said.

Grand Theft Auto

This could be on my list for the people involved alone. It's hard to believe that the first one came out ten years ago. Check out the list of just some of the people that have contributed to the GTA series over the years:

Joey Pants, Michael Madsen, Michael Rappaport, Debi Mazar, Kyle MacLachlan, Robert Loggia, Guru, Ray Liotta, William Fichtner, Tom Sizemore, Dennis Hopper, Burt Reynolds, Lee Majors, Deborah Harry, L.T., Ice-T, Sam Jackson, Chris Penn, Peter Fonda, Kid Frost, James Woods, and tons of other people.

Then there's the music, which I won't even get into, but the songs they use fit each game perfectly. The 80's, the 90's, they get it perfect. The whole sandbox aspect of the game is so much fun, you could play for hours without even paying attention to the actual missions. These games really make you feel like you're the character you're playing. They're fun, cool, suspenseful, and really funny at times.

Final Fantasy

I haven't played one of these in a long time, actually I'm lying, I've got FF III for my DS. But I digress, Final Fantasy VII was probably one of the best games of all time. It could almost be my favorite. One of the aspects of gaming that I enjoy is customization. You make yourself and your friends in most sport games and in a lot of RPGs. That's what I loved about FF 7. I had my cousin with me, my girlfriend, my best friend and even my dog Ranger. I was hooked. All of the games in the series are pretty addicting, and they've introduced a lot of new concepts to gaming in general. The graphics were always ground-breaking and the stories have always been exciting and surprising.

Now it gets tough, there are so many good games out there. Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, the Metroids, the Zeldas, the Mario Bros. Metal Gears, the Hitman series, Street Fighters, Virtua Fighters, Mortal Kombat, and the Splinter Cells.

I guess it all comes down to the games that I eagerly await every time they come out. One of those is awlays the latest Ghost Recon.

Ghost Recon

The Ghost Recon/GRAW games are so exciting. It's the closest I think you can get to feeling that rush of kill or be killed on a console. I used to paintball and honestly playing a large multiplayer map online is almost as much fun. The missions are also great and the atmosphere that the games create really add to the suspense. The helicopter flights over Mexico City, the snipers trying to take you out, and don't get me started on the surround sound. Bullets buzzing by, the explosions, you really get immersed into the adventure.

So there you have it, my favorite games. I'm going to stop now because my fiance is starting to wonder if she should marry such a geek. I spent way too much time on this, I could've been writing my novel damnit!


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