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I did it.

Nanowrimo is finally over

Where do I begin. First of all my body tried to mutiny. Seriously, I started cramping, my butt started hurting, my hands are carpotunneling, and my eyes are twitching. Don't mind me if I'm misspelling stuff or making typos, I'm seriously exhausted. I liken it to a hard work out or a long practice. you wouldn't think it was anything like a physical sport or exertion or what not but I am so exhausted. I've been writing for almost eight hours straight.

But I did it. Not to toot my own horn but toot, toot! The ending itself was novelesque...umm novel worthy? Crap, I'm writing worse than if I was drunk. I kind of feel drunk. Anyway, where was I? I'm using word on Melissa's mac and I wrapped things up at about the 50011 mark. So I copy and paste and go to Nano's site to use their validator, it says something about scrambling, encoding your novel in case you're paranoid or whatever. Umm...okay so I follow their instructions. Mind you I have less than twenty minutes to validate my shit. It take forever to replace my words with encyrptied mumbo jumbo. I've got maybe ten minutes left now. I cut and paste throw it in the validator and wait. Of course a lot of people are procrastinating like me and the site's slow.


That's the count it gave me. There's a couple of minutes before midnight to go. I scramble back to word and I type in like three more words.

Copy and paste back to the site.

Congrats, 50001 words.

So yeah, that in and of itself was an adventure.

What a month it has been. Job searching, moving back to the Chi, job searching some more. Going up and down the midwest having Thanksgiving all over the place, while the Bears keep giving me heart attacks, and in the midst of all that I wrote a crappy novel about a group of friends that accidently kill someone and try to cover it up.

Now that it is finally over I can catch up on email, my friends list, the H board, TV, video games, movies, and who knows what else.

Thank you for your support, congrats to my fellow NaNo winners and participants, and welcome to December. New Year's Eve t-minus 29 days and counting.


Tags: indy, nano, writing

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