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Friday - stayed up all night and finished nano. yay 4 me.

Saturday - Target, Christmas decorations and such. It started storming, snow and sleet everywhere but at least it started to feel a lot more like Christmas. Got our tree from lot in Hyde Park. Set up tree and lights, it looks great. I'll take pics at some point. I went out to throw out trash and slipped on the stairs, ended up on my ass sliding down stairs. Good times.

Sunday - Dad's birthday, took him out to breakfast. Mel and I's or Me and Melissa's? Whatever, it was our one year anniversary. Wowzers! Umm..yeah. Fucking Bears ruined it. Jerks. Doesn't Homer have some advice about never loving anything or anyone so they won't hurt you? Anyway yeah...

Monday (today) - Started new job. Hate it. But I needs money. Whatta ya gonna do? I'll keep doing retail while trying not to blow brains out until I get back into the schools. Eh...

Internet access is sproadic at the moment.

So is my life.



PS-Finally got some Templeton Rye. Mmmmm....and Buffalo Trace is always nice as well.

PPS-It's tough for me to get on here and write, I guess I'm burned out from Nano for the moment.

PPPS-I hate people. Not you of course, but people in general.
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