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Just so we know, what's your name?
The real N.O.R.E., the GilZA, McGilla Gorrila. G-Unit, G-Real, Gilzilla, aka Gilly the Kid, bka Fenyx. Gilla Monster, G, the O.G., the only, the only, Gil.

What elementary school did you go to?
St. Jerome's and St. Henry's.

Do you like perfume?
Not for me.

How old is your cell phone?
About a year.

Did you ever wear a bike helmet?
Hell no.

If you had a little gray kitten, what would you name him?

Which is better: Nike Air Forces or Chuck Taylors?
Air Force Ones

Christian Dior or Chanel?
Either Or

Are big sunglasses still gonna be in next year?
I hope not

What color is your blanket?
Hmm..grey right now.

Do you remember your first Barbie? Or action figure?
No. Wait is this a meme for women only? I liked GI Joes, for the record, Snake Eyes was probably my first.

What are the last 5 digits of your phone number?

When you go to the hospital, do you loot the medical supplies?

Have you ever lied and said the pop machine was broken when it wasn't?

What's one thing you cannot take your eyes off of?
Big screen HDTVs

If you measured your foot with a tape measure, how long would it be?
about a foot

Do you know anyone who has had the clap?
No comment. (and no, not me.)

At Christmas, do you prefer a live or a fake tree?
Keepin' it Real. I don't go for that fake stuff.

Where are you going to be this Christmas?
Chicago with the fam, possibly Indiana as well.

Where are you going to be New Years Eve?
Rocking out to Local H at Sub-T!

Reach into your pocket. Tell me what you pull out.
I'm in my boxers pockets, and far as pulling something out...not gonna happen.

What brand is your TV?
Samsung son!

Is there a laundry basket on the floor wherever you are

What do you say when you answer the phone?
Ahoy-ahoy, hello, roadside grill, you kill 'em we grill 'em, bueno, many things depending on the situation.

What color is your winter coat?
Navy Blue and orange.

Do you ever just get into the car in the summer but not turn on the AC?
Not really, why would you?

What's the worst place you ever got a sunburn?
Back I guess.

Do you have any tattoos? What are they?
Several. Coy fish, Queztalcoatl, A phoenix, several dragons, a yin-yang, chinese symbol, dragonfly...think that's it.

If I told you I had a leprechaun in my pocket, what would you do?
Umm..tell you to make a wish or ask you to let me see it.

What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
Cabin Boy

What do you do to get rid of hiccups?
You tell me, nothing works.

Can you still be cool and say WASSSSSSSUP?
I can.

What would you do if someone cheated you out of $5?
I don't know, nothing really, why bother?

If you were king/queen, would you wear a crown?
No, but I'd walk around in a suit of armor and have some motherfucking knights as an entourage.

Do you prefer a french manicure? Or do you like color on your nails?

Look at your right hand. Are there any identifying features?
It's really hairy for some reason...I mean umm...not really I have a small birthmark on my wrist.

When you go to Chipotle, what do you get?
I don't go to Chipotle. See above. (I don't go for that fake stuff)

What's your favorite scent from Bath and Body Works?

Who scared you the most on Sesame Street?
Maybe Oscar, but most likely it was Bert and Ernie. What was up with them?!

What's the grossest thing you have ever witnessed firsthand?
Not sure, maybe someone throwing up on me.

What's your favorite college basketball team?
Probably Indiana, NIU, but they suck, umm...Gonzaga's cool too and I've always liked UNC.

Do you ever watch Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel?
Yes. Yes I do.

What's the shittiest car you've ever been in?
An old Duster.

Have you ever accidently broken out someone's window?
Nooo. It wasn't an accident.

What's the first thing you do immediately after getting out of the shower?
Umm...depends I guess. Dry myself usually.

If your bro/sis had a gf/bf and you didn't like them, what would you do?
Avoid them? I don't know.

What's the best cheesecake you've ever had?
Mmm...caramel cheesecake from L. Woods Tap.

Are people who make MySpaces for their babies dumb?
Yes, yes they are. Nothing like making one for your dog, that's awesome.

Respond to this: HEY FUCK YOU!
Now or later?

What kind of vacuum cleaner do you have?
An electrical one.

Do you ever go by the airport to see the planes take off?
Not really.

What's the grossest food someone ever conned you into eating?
Not sure. Veggieburger maybe? I don't know...

What's the best haunted house you've been to?
One in Wisconsin Dells

Do you like barbecue?
Hell yes.

Do you like your best friend's bf/gf?
I don't have a best friend... :(

Did you ever believe in a lucky rabbit's foot?
Sure why not?

Has a bird ever crapped on you?
Yes. I was told it was good luck, yeah right.

Who's the most annoying person you can think of on the face of this Earth?
I have to only name one? Let's start with Paris Hilton.

Do your chain hang low?
Yeah, about five inches...

from the ground. ;)

When you drink, do you smoke?

If you found a hair in your food, would you let it go or complain?
Depends, probably let it go. But I'd throw the shit out, really depends on my mood.

Have you ever ridden a lowrider bike?

What would you do if you found out someone in your family was gay?
Beat them to death. Just kidding, sheesh you're so sensitive. Probably nothing, it'd just be another one joining the club. Wait, that sounds wrong, I'm not in the club, not that there's anything wrong with that...heh. I have gay relatives, honest. I love gay people, wait not like that...ah crap. I'll shut up now. Sure I could go back and edit but whatever...

Have you ever been with someone who carries a 2-Liter wherever they go?
Yes. Of water. Dork.

Do you like salty or buttery popcorn? Or both?
Both. And cheese popcorn too.

What color is the rug in your bathroom?
Blue in one, white in the other.

Turn on the TV. What channel is on?

Do you keep on top of the weather?
Pretty much.

Do you know anyone who was born with a tail?
Hahahaha @ Geena's answer. But to answer your question. No, no I do not.

Have you ever seen a dust bunny?

Have you ever bitten your tongue so hard it bled?

What's the longest amount of time you ever spent on the phone with
A few hours I'm sure.

Has anyone ever written you a love poem?
Sort of.

Ask your parents if they remember the first time they met each other.
Ok, now what?

What's your favorite cereal?
Hmm....this is a difficult question. Cap't Crunch? King Vitaman? Cocoa Crisp? Anything peanut buttery?

Have you ever owned a fur coat?
No. Fur is murder.
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