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You know what I love...


Not really. I find it amazing how people can spend so much time "writing" but they can't spell. They love to blog and comment or reply in threads but they can't run spell check or go to Don't you care? Don't you think that whatever you have to say, valid or not, is probably going to be ignored. At best it'll be chalked up to the meaningless comments of some uneducated moron. Or maybe that's just what I thnk about people who can't spell.

I also love people that drive slow in the fast lane. I really love it when they're on the phone and going about twenty on the expressway. Customers are awesome too. Especially ones like the genius I had the other day.

"This says 12.99 on it, is that the price?"

No lady, it's about how many seconds you have before you get dick-slapped.

Yeah, people are awesome.

Oh and I love how everyone hates religion. They're all heathens, agnostic, or umm...atheist or whatever. But everyone loves CHRISTmas right? Don't get me wrong, everyone's entitled to their own beliefs, etc. But you don't see me getting Yom Kippur or Eid off do you? I don't know, I guess that the latest Penny Arcade got me thinking about it.

I'm too annoyed to cut and paste or hotlink. Anyway, you're all hypocrites. Well, not all of you, but you know who you are. Again, I'm not Churchy McChurch, or Ned Flanders, but I'm down with J.C. 99% of the time. But I'll stop yapping about religion before I alienate you all.

Oh, you know what else sucks.


People, stuff, time. I know that sharing is caring, but when is selfishness umm...awesomeness? I know that sounds awful, but I hate being courteous and understanding all of the time. I just wish I got to be an asshole every once in a while without the repercussions of said actions.

I'm pretty sure I've misspelled at least one or two things so far.

I should shut up now.

Sorry I'm just in a bad mood, I guess.

PS-I ran spell check and now I hate something else. How can your BLOG's spell check think BLOG is spelled incorrectly?
Tags: holidays, ranting
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