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Written in response to questions on nanoljers.

1. What were the most recent set of writing-related goals you set for yourself?
2. Did you take steps toward reaching them? Were you successful? Why or why not?
3. What are your writing-related goals for the next 6 months? The next year?
4. How are you going to reach them?

1) The most recent were probably entering and actually winning NaNo this year.

2) I did manage to finish. Of course the support I got here, in other comms, and on the boards did help. I guess Chris Baty's book helped as well, I feel like I was a whole lot more committed to finish this year.

3) Next six months? When's Script Frenzy? I'm considering adapting my NaNo novel into a screenplay during Frenzy. (if that's allowed) I also might write something entirely different, but I do want to participate in Script Frenzy. Other than that I'll probably work on editing/fixing my NaNo novel and on rewriting two screenplays that I wrote years ago. I want to be productive this year but I don't want to set unrealistic goals either. I also want to check out the thread that NaNo sent us an email about and I'm going to try to blog more. (also take a pic a day but that's not writing related.) Finally, I will take the NaNo challenge again in 2008.

4) Heh. Hopefully some of you will nag and bug me. I mean "encourage" me. I also will try to become more organized. Calendars, planners, memos to self, emails, whatever it takes I guess. I'm with Rosie, I hate editing, first drafts are so much more fun. I guess that's also why I probably hate fixing things but I love construction, eh.
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