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Writer's Block: Ready For My Close-Up?

How do you respond when someone asks to take your picture?

Damn papparazzi. They're always trying to catch me ridin' dirty. I usually take off down the street in my H2 or run over their feet. That usually does the trick. Once in a while I'll wear the same outfit for like a week so that their pics all look old and the same. Other times I'll have my entourage knock their cameras down and bust them up real good. I've got the money to buy them more so I just toss that on the ground as I walk over the debris. When things get real bad I walk around demagnetizing their memory cards and cameras and shit. The only drawback is that my credit cards get demagnetized too. But it's all good because I'm always carrying fat stacks of cheese.

Anyway, I gotta bounce, but I hope that answers your question. Damn QOTD, you're as bad as the press.


"The Really Real N.O.R.E."
Tags: writer's block

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